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Pregnant Woman on Couch



“Tiny Treasures Collective” thrift store providing products to meet the needs of children (pregnancy thru early elementary age) to benefit Community Pregnancy Clinic and Sarah’s House Maternity Homes while sharing the love of Jesus.

To love like Jesus and share his love and grace with people.

Preserve life and provide support for mothers, fathers, and guardians.

Objective / Purpose: 

Raise funds to support ministries 
To support parents/guardians during pregnancy and after they give birth

  • Material goods

⦁    Education
⦁    Mentoring 
⦁    Pastoral Care
⦁    Prayer
⦁    Connection to Jesus/Church


Providing ministry opportunities
⦁    Teach parenting classes, life skills, mentoring, pastoring
⦁    Retail store clerks, displays, warehouse, and loving on shoppers, etc.
⦁    Community relations – picking up items, hosting drives for goods, encouraging shoppers, etc.
⦁    Donating items

  • And Shopping to support the cause!


We create avenues for those wanting to give and help young families
⦁    Provide volunteer opportunities to our community as well as those rebuilding their lives
⦁    Share Jesus with our community and with everyone we come in contact with (shoppers, donors, etc.)
⦁    Provide education on the important work that the two ministries do

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