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2023 Impact

Google Review by Cheyenne

"Literally one of the best places to in Simi, as a mom. This store not only supports families in need with its proceeds, but it has helped my family afford to do Christmas, birthday... basically every need met."
2023 Impact

Over 42,000 items were sold at 60-80% off retail store prices

Not only does this produce cash for our partner nonprofits to support the families they serve, but gives cherished items a new life with people who need them. It also gives our local community of families, single parents, foster parents, and grandparents the possibility of purchasing quality items they could otherwise not afford. 

We worked with more than 50 organizations to support local families

Items that are not sold at the store are given to foster children and families, orphanages in Haiti and Mexico, trafficked girls, kindness bags in Simi Valley, Russian immigrants, homeless shelters, schools and other like-minded nonprofits serving the under resourced. We team with churches and groups who serve and support us with our mission. We work with the school district to help homeless and near-homeless families. We even host a summer reading event with the public library! 

Alongside local churches, we provided 3 baby showers

Families who do not have any financial means to buy items for their baby received baby showers. Ladies decorated, made delicious refreshments, played shower games and provided gifts of needed items - most being purchased at Tiny Treasures at a fraction of the retail cost. One such family had escaped the war in Ukraine with just their one suitcase. These gals usually go on to be supported as they raise their children.

Over $4,000 in gift cards were given to elementary age children's families considered homeless by our local school district.

This gave these families the opportunity to shop at no cost to them for their specific needs this past Christmas. This connection with our school district continues to grow as we look for more ways to help families in need with material items such as clothing, shoes and socks.

We gave $21,000 to our two nonprofit partners Sarah's House Maternity Homes and Community Pregnancy Clinic in 2023 to support the work they do to support local families.

This funding is possible because of all the donations we receive from our supporters and our customers who continue to shop at the store.

Close to 80,000 donated items came through our doors

We sort, clean, price and merchandise all our items for our customers on a daily basis. Excess items and items that we are not able to keep are shared with partnering organizations. Items are also given to other organizations when they have a family in need of an item. We held a diaper drive for the Community Pregnancy Clinic who provides free diapers for families in need. We continue to collect diapers and baby wipes on an ongoing basis for the clinic as well as the maternity home. Thousands of diapers have been provided! 

Over 4,700 volunteer hours were logged

That is almost 100 hours a week! It takes a large team to sort, tag and merchandise the donations, and work with customers in the store. Many groups come in after store hours to supplement this effort in order to keep up with the donations and sales.  There are also hundreds of hours worked behind the scenes doing bookkeeping, promotions and outreach, transportation and more for the nonprofit. We are so thankful for all of our volunteers who each have a heart to help and support our local families.



I always thought that one should have kids only when they can afford it. But my grandma used to say “if God blessed you with a baby, He will also help you find the resources to provide for your child”. Having left our home because of the war with our 1-year-old daughter, and having lost our second baby in amidst of it all, the only thing we had left was hope. Hope for a fresh start, a new home, a new blessing. And as we were blessed with another baby God did put the greatest people on our path who provided so much for our baby.
I came to the Community Pregnancy Clinic hoping to get some spare diapers, but they contacted Tiny Treasures and they did something unimaginable. They arranged a whole baby shower for me! I was so amazed by the kindness and generosity of the Antioch Church ladies who had just met me. And I had never had or been to a baby shower before but all the ladies brought so so many wonderful presents for our baby boy that I couldn’t believe my eyes! I’m forever grateful for every gift, every kind word and all the support! I’ve met the most amazing people who were willing to give so much, who wanted to hear my story and help me in any way they could. I can never thank you all! You have no idea how much you’ve influenced our lives! Thank you!


Tiny Treasures has been nothing short of a miracle and a blessing to my family. To preface, my husband and I have faced many obstacles with the birth of our son. From a lengthy NICU stay to financial hardship. We finally reached a point of swimming and keeping our head above water, but God kept pressing on our heart that maybe we would have another child. Where our minds couldn't wrap our heads around how that would work financially, our faith needed to grow and there was no doubt God came through with the miracles... Tiny Treasures being one of them. Having visited and frequented the store since opening day, Tiny Treasures has provided for every occasion for our family. From birthdays, to holidays, to just overall growing child needs... Tiny Treasures has provided affordable, very gently and often never used or worn items. My kiddo loves Tiny Treasures more than any other establishment! Then came the Lord pressing on our hearts again, it was time for another baby, our faith had grown exponentially and Tiny Treasures has been so instrumental in showing God's blessings being more than we could ask or imagine... so this time when my husband and I discussed logistics of having another, Tiny Treasures being a resource we could and would depend on made a huge difference... we prayed further and very quickly became pregnant. Coming January, we will have our little girl. Our blessing from God and the peace and comfort in knowing God has brought Tiny Treasures to our community to provide all our needs and then some! God bless Tiny Treasures and may He supply all their needs, bless all the volunteers and shoppers abundantly so as we have been!


I just finished up my weekly volunteer shift at Tiny Treasures. I’m walking out with a big smile on my face and warmth in my heart. I have met wonderful, like-minded new friends as I process donations, organize and restock the boutique, and help the customers find their treasures.
I always walk out with some great finds for my grandchildren too. I am thankful to have this non-profit as my go to for donations as the kiddies outgrow their clothes and toys knowing all profits go to help the families in our community. If you haven’t discovered this gem in Simi Valley yet, I’d encourage you to check them out! You can shop, volunteer, or donate knowing it’s all for a great cause!
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